Commune members - 1966

The Commune is a community on the outskirts of Maundbury founded by Starbright (Abraham Jones) in 1966.

The people that live at the Commune come and go as they please. They do go into town on a regular basis. The town folks tolerate them because the do not beg and are polite. If any small jobs need to be done, they are hired.

Starbright insists that the Commune remain an open place. Anyone can come and visit if they want. Twice a year he opens the Commune to the town, for what the Commune calls the Solstice Supper.

During the Summer Solstice Supper in 1967, Alice Jaggart disappeared. Her disappearance was not reported until two weeks later. It had been assumed that she had left the Commune, even though she did not leave with any of her belongings. She was found in September in New York City.