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Taken during the college's annual Halloween party.

Professor Alfons Cassius Nagel is one of the most colorful teachers ever to have set foot in Oxwain Occidental College . He is known for his wild (some would say absent-minded) choice of clothing. He teaches Physics and General Science. He is a popular teacher among the students, who view him as both a brilliant mind and an eccentric.

The college hired him in 1955. There were some rumors at the time that he had been part of the atomic program. If asked directly, Professor Nagel will shake his head and laugh. His thick German accent has led some people to think he had been a Nazi scientist. Professor Nagel does admit that he left Germany while the Nazis were in power, but refuses to say any more. It is the only time his cheerful and wild behavior becomes dark.

Other examples of his strange behaviors:

  • He does not drive, instead he rides a bike of his own construction, a thing known as the "Jabberwocky".
  • He has blown up the main science lab on four occasions. No one was hurt, but he is not allowed in there alone anymore.
  • His home is full of strange equipment. One large one sits on his lawn, it looks like a combination of a harvester and an airplane.
  • Known for his fanciful rants when he drinks. One in particular he claims one day people will carry phones with them where ever they go.
  • Has a silver wound badge from the First World War. His name is inscribed on it, yet he looks too young to have served.
  • A frequent target of Reginald Jones rants. Professor Nagel has started to call Jones "My stupid Moriarty". The last argument ended with Nagel dumping his plate of spaghetti over Jones' head.

Lately, he has taken an interest in the history of Maundbury. Especially the Greyhaven Port Hunting Party of 1944 in which he claims the beast was real.