In 1903 a transient by the name of Marke Woods admitted to starting a fire that damaged many homes in Maundbury. He claim he did so out of self defense.

On June 11th, 1903 Marke Wood had been hired by lawyer Samuel Komf to clean out the back of his newly acquired estate. Wood had many recommendations for his good work. He had been coming to Maundbury for a few summers and always worked hard.

June 13th.

  • 8am Wood returns to work.</li>
  • 10 am He stops and informs Komf "Something odd is in the back yard." Komf and him investigate. Paw prints are found, but nothing else is out of place.</li>
  • 11 am Wood returns to work.</li>
  • 1 pm Wood leaves the job. Komf reported later, "Strange for him to leave like that. He wasn't a drinking man, and had always seen his work through."</li>
  • 1:30 pm Wood is seen cutting through the Lobry House estate. One witness said Wood ran through the yard looking over his shoulder.</li>
  • 1:45 pm Wood runs down Main Street. He runs to St. Mary's Home . The nuns take him in. They reported that he seemed in distress.</li>
  • 4:30 pm Wood leaves St. Mary's. He seem calm.</li>
  • 7 pm Wood is seen entering the Lobry House.</li>
  • 7:30 pm The first flames are seen at the Lobry House.</li>
  • 7:40 pm Fire is spotted at Komf's new home.</li>
  • 8 pm As the firemen try to put out both blazes. Wood is seen walking past both fires. He seems unease.</li>
  • 8:30 pm the fire at Komf's is put out. The one at at the Lobry House become uncontrollable. Firemen and police order evacuations of the nearby homes.</li>
  • 10:15 pm Wood is caught at the Peterson Farm . Carl Peterson stopped Wood from setting fire to the pig pens. He holds him in the slaughter house until the police arrive.</li>
  • 10:30 pm Wood is turned over to the police. He leaves calmly and confesses to setting the fires.</li> June 30th. Wood is sentenced, but instead of prison he is sent to St. Mary's Home. The judge stated "There was no lost of life. And he had tried to seek their help prior to the events. It would be the safest place for him now." July 15, 1903, Wood begins to draw pictures of a large dog with red eyes. Some of his works later become famous.

    One of Wood's works circa 1929