Dr. Jeremiah Lewis history before coming to Maundbury is unknown. Attempts have been made to find out more but only rumors exist.

He became a student at Oxwain Occidental College in 1900, where he excelled in every subject. His professors spoke very highly of his study habits and ability to rationalize any problem given to him. He was active in the sports teams on campus, and president of many clubs.

After graduation, he set up a small practice on Main Street. He became famous for opening his practice on Saturdays for free. In 1915 he sat up a joint practice with St. Mary's Home . A couple of accusations that he killed many of the poor that he had seen could not be proven. All the deaths were label accidental.

Although he did see many of the town's destitute, his reputation as a doctor made him popular with the women of the upper class. There were rumors that his popularity may have been linked to some infidelities, but nothing was every proven.

After the death of her husband, Maribell Tompkins became one of his main patients. As she closed herself off from the world, he was one of the two people she allowed to see her. Dr. Lewis never discussed Maribell's hermitage with anyone else. He was the first discover her body when she had died during the blizzard of 1945.

He continued to practice as a doctor for ten more years then retired. He passed in his sleep in 1967. Leaving no heirs.