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Elizabeth LeBlanc

Elizabeth LeBlanc, 13 yrs old in 1968: befriends bugs, talks to the dead, and perhaps raises storms. Sleeps in St. Mary's Graveyard for the Indigent and is shunned by most residents. 3rd daughter of Gerold (missing) and Karen LeBlanc. Siblings: Patricia (deceased) and Margaret (deceased). There was a very bad night in 1965: daddy went missing and the eldest daughters stop living. The mother, Karen, never leaves the apartment again. Elizabeth is a shadow moppet glimpsed in the corners of Maunbury. Elizabeth enjoys regular Maundbury events such as the 4th July fireworks display and the ritual sacrifice of The High Sabbath, where she is often found at the edge of the crowd, grinning under her wild hair, alone but happy. Most residents view Elizabeth as a loner. Elizabeth would argue the bugs and the ghosts of her dead sisters make excellent company.

It is rumored that Elizabeth can raise storms when angered. These reports have never been substantiated.