Chrisfield Manor was the home of the Chrisfield family in Maundbury. It sits at the end of Chrisfield Road . Currently, it is owned and operated by the Maundbury Historical Society and now houses the Maudbury Historical Museum .

The mansion was built by Thomas Chrisfield as a summer home, but became the family's main residence. The 50 room mansion sits on the 15 acre of land that was purchased originally for a lumber mill. The main entrance is marked by a set of wrought iron gates with two large towers, one perched on each side.

Although the manor is the largest building on the property it is not the only one. The couchhouse, the greenhouse, the summer kitchen (burned down in 1931), and two guest houses surround the main building.

The Chrisfield family lived in the house until the last resident (Maribell Tompkins , nee Chrisfield) passed in 1945. The house sat in disrepair until it was given to the Maundbury Historical Society in 1959.

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