• MalcoJOJO

    Helllllllooooooo? :)

    October 17, 2011 by MalcoJOJO

    It looks like we've come to full stop on the posts, huh?

    I'll try to work something up.

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  • Lea.petra

    I was messing with the forums today to try to set up an area to start posting stories.

    If someone with better forum editing skills could set it up I think it might work. Otherwise, I think we will have to use the blog feature.

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  • MalcoJOJO

    After reading THE GRINDING entry and hearing that it was based on real events, I had to know more.

    We were looking for sounds that would be a good addition for the post and there were MANY, MANY links to events like this. It really gave me the creeps.

    It seems like it's a very common thing all over the globe.

    I've read everything from Haarp to thunder bouncing in the atmosphere to earthquake reverb to UFOs. Very wild stuff...and something I don't really care to experience myself! :)

    Additional Links:…

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  • Lea.petra

    It sounds like two separate monsters have been described. One possessing a person to make them kill. The others only described as faceless. But I am thinking they might be the same, perhaps only one creature?

    I have been looking to folklore for inspiration this is what I found.

    Japan has a few faceless creatures. One is the Noppera-bo. Relatively harmless. They are used to warn people. They wipe their faces off to scare people.

    But one, not from Japan, got me excited. The Allu. The allu are off springs of a succubus and a human male. They are faceless and love to destroy things. They are mainly after their father's soul. No mention of what happens if they do not get it.

    This sounds like a good basis for our faceless ones, or perhaps something …

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